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Our Visit to SW Wisconsin

My wife and I made a Saturday trip to some historic locations. I had heard of Stonefield Historic Site in Cassville, Wisconsin, but I was never able to make it down that way to check it out. The museum is very intriguing! It features the Governor Nelson Dewey Home and Farmstead, Wisconsin Agricultural Museum, and the… Continue reading Our Visit to SW Wisconsin


Our Visit to the Pabst Brewery Hotel

The city of Milwaukee always has historical destinations luring me into them. My father-in-law, Dan, always finds super-sweet places to show me when we come to visit. I am absolutely fascinated by Milwaukee's brewing history, and The Brewhouse Inn and Suites keeps that history alive. Molly, mom & dad-in-law, and I made a trip over… Continue reading Our Visit to the Pabst Brewery Hotel


TDIMCH: July 1, 1919

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Anti-Prohibition Sign

This Day in Milwaukee County History: The National Wartime Prohibition Act goes into effect on July 1, 1919. The measure was intended to save grain for the war effort, although the act had been passed full week after the armistice was signed. All sales of liquor were ceased on June 30th and July 1 quickly became known as the “Thirsty-First.” What was supposed to be a temporary measure turned into a 14-year-long drought. The 18th Amendment was ratified on January 16, 1919 and took effect one year and a day later.

During Prohibition, many breweries began to make non-alcoholic beer while others began to produce soda, ice cream, and cheese. Some brewers made malt syrup and other products which individuals could use for home brewing. Schlitz decided to produce confectioneries. Many breweries eventually had to close – some forever.

Wisconsin, the nations’ brewing capital was especially hard-hit during the interwar…

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My Visit to the Wisconsin Historical Museum

Molly and I spent the day  down in Madison, Wisconsin. There are a number of places to visit down there, but the Wisconsin Historical Museum has always been on my list of places to visit. The museum has a wonderful building on the corner of West Mifflin Street and North Carroll Street. Admission to the museum is based on suggested donations.… Continue reading My Visit to the Wisconsin Historical Museum

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History of the Blatz Brewing Company

The Blatz Brewing Co. history can be traced back to 1846 in the young city of Milwaukee. The brewery grew as one of the big 4 of Milwaukee and made significant contributions to the city's beer industry. Unfortunately, pressures of the changing times and competition shut down the brewery and led to consolidation with other big breweries.… Continue reading History of the Blatz Brewing Company

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The Day Beer Returned to Milwaukee

Imagine a Unites States where beer and liquor are illegal. Your favorite brewery has been forced to close down or switch to making sodas, chocolates or other products. The only hard liquor you could wet your whistle with was made in a homemade still and you had to go into a secret bar called a speakeasy to… Continue reading The Day Beer Returned to Milwaukee


The Peoples Brewing Company: America’s First Black Owned Brewery

In one of my earlier posts I talked about the Oshkosh Brewing Company, but there was another great brewery in my college town that last a few years longer than Oshkosh Brewing Company. The Peoples Brewing Company made history when it became the first brewery in the country to be owned by a Black man, an… Continue reading The Peoples Brewing Company: America’s First Black Owned Brewery


Oshkosh Brewing Company

Oshkosh Brewing CompanyThe Oshkosh Brewing Company was a brewery formally headquartered in my college town of Oshkosh, Wisconsin. It was only until recently that I learned of this brewery and began to uncover some of the company's history. Sadly, the old brewery fell victim to the wrecking ball in 1986 destroying the physical evidence of the company's existence. Only one of the… Continue reading Oshkosh Brewing Company


History of the Joseph Schlitz Brewing Company

The history of the Jos. Schlitz Brewing Company begins before it was called Schlitz. In 1849, George August Krug started and managed a small brewery and saloon in Milwaukee. In 1850 Joseph Schlitz immigrated to the United States and made his home in Milwaukee.  Krug hired Schlitz as the bookkeeper for his prospering little brewery,… Continue reading History of the Joseph Schlitz Brewing Company