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11 Things Women Couldn’t Do In The 1920s | Mental Floss

As we approach the 20s--2020s that is--it's fun to look back a century ago to see how we have progressed/digressed or how similar/disimilar our times are. I am sure the 2020s will be as history making as the 1920s. Just so we avoid repeating the whole Prohibition nonsense or having the economy tank again. Sometimes… Continue reading 11 Things Women Couldn’t Do In The 1920s | Mental Floss


TDIMCH: July 1, 1919

MKE Memoirs

Anti-Prohibition Sign

This Day in Milwaukee County History: The National Wartime Prohibition Act goes into effect on July 1, 1919. The measure was intended to save grain for the war effort, although the act had been passed full week after the armistice was signed. All sales of liquor were ceased on June 30th and July 1 quickly became known as the “Thirsty-First.” What was supposed to be a temporary measure turned into a 14-year-long drought. The 18th Amendment was ratified on January 16, 1919 and took effect one year and a day later.

During Prohibition, many breweries began to make non-alcoholic beer while others began to produce soda, ice cream, and cheese. Some brewers made malt syrup and other products which individuals could use for home brewing. Schlitz decided to produce confectioneries. Many breweries eventually had to close – some forever.

Wisconsin, the nations’ brewing capital was especially hard-hit during the interwar…

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