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Book Critique: “American Midnight”

American Midnight: The Great War, A Violent Peace, and Democracy’s Forgotten CrisisBy Adam Hochschild My Rating: ★★★★★ What a great read—and everyone should read this. Everything I read I saw parallels with our time. People say history rhymes—in this case it has! Xenophobia—why do we hate immigrants so much? Why do we associate them with… Continue reading Book Critique: “American Midnight”

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Book Critique: “Hitler’s American Gamble”

Hitler's American Gamble: Pearl Harbor and Germany’s March to Global Warby Brendan Simms, Charlie Laderman My Rating: ★★★★ World War II was a cataclysmic event that reshaped and redefined the world in the 20th century. The United States found itself at the center of the global stage when it was "suddenly and deliberately attacked" by… Continue reading Book Critique: “Hitler’s American Gamble”

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The Soviets at the West Allis Works

While doing research on some other Allis-Chalmers topics, I stumbled across an interesting article in the A-C Scope, an employee publication from Allis-Chalmers. It highlighted the visit of the delegation of manufacturing representatives and government officials from the Soviet Union. Here is a transcription of the article from the November/December 1959 issue of the publication.… Continue reading The Soviets at the West Allis Works

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Book Critique

Revolutionary Russia, 1891 - 1991: A History by Orlando Figes My rating: 3 of 5 starsI enjoyed this book. My interest in this topic started after my last red, The Devils' Alliance: Hitler's Pact with Stalin, 1939-1941. I picked Figes' book to get my feet wet and discover some history of the Russian Revolution that… Continue reading Book Critique


Wabash Screen Door Co. Items

I published a post about my Wabash Screen Door Company stove board a number of years ago. Since then, I have gotten more emails inquiring about the company's history and the value of the old stove boards. I think it is astonishing that people are finding them, and then they are finding my blog for… Continue reading Wabash Screen Door Co. Items

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There and Gone: The Short History of the Allis-Chalmers Terre Haute Works -Part I

Terre Haute Works circa 1960 (Courtesy of the Milwaukee County Historical Society) The Allis-Chalmers Corporation was once a leader in the American industrial scene. The company is probably most known for its iconic Persian Orange colored farm equipment, but that was just one speck of the more extensive line of precision machinery it made in… Continue reading There and Gone: The Short History of the Allis-Chalmers Terre Haute Works -Part I