What makes a good blog? (survey results)

What do you think of my blog posts? I am always open to constructive criticism!

Blogging For Historians

surveyIn the survey that was initially carried out for Blogging for Historians (see the blog post


) several questions focused on good practice.  Participants were asked what they think works well in a blog-format in terms of content and, also, what works less well.  The results were interesting. 

Let’s start with the kinds of content the participants felt worked well in a blog-format.  Many of the responses noted the need for posts to be short (possibly around the 300-500 word level), dealing with a straightforward subject (i.e. one question asked and answered or a review of something, or ‘problem’ topics).  The need for images was noted quite often as well, suggesting a desire for some visual interest to act as a further stimulus.

Here are a few of the other suggestions:

“Things that provoke discussion within the academic community – there has to be a question driving the blog…

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What Blogging, Twitter, and Texting Do for the Historian’s Craft

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