Dealership Locations

This is the public map to list and mark current or former Allis-Chalmers(AGCO) dealerships. To get started click the red “edit” button above. If you do not see the button, please click login on the right side of the map to login or create an account. (note: you must have a Google account to post to the map.) Once you click “edit you will see the blue marker tab on the top left side of the map between the drag (hand) and the line tool. Find your location on the map by zooming in and out and then click the blue marker to place tab. Once the mark it placed, please enter the dealership name on the title spot followed by dealer information in the description. After you are finished, hit the “done” or “save” button on the far left to save the information to the map. It is as simple as that. Click HERE to start adding dealership locations.

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