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Letters to Lorraine-September 4, 1935

Waukesha, Wis.,
Sept. 4, 1935

Dearest Lorraine and all,

Have been thinking of you folks ever since Sunday. Hope your mother is on the gain. Just drop me a card so we know how she is and perhaps we can go and see her some afternoon if she is able to have company. Every body at home here was surprised to see us come home so soon, but when your mother is well again we will come and spend a whole day.

Suppose your Aunt Mary is still with you. Tell her my folks and Loretta (?) & Bill started for the north Thurs. A.M. (to-morrow). I think your mother has such a fine place. Hope she will soon be well again.

You are all such fine girls and boys. Too bad we had to find you all so down hearted. I sympathize with you as I know what sickness is have had to take my whole family to the hospital already. And it’s been pretty sad here too. But then the clouds dis-appear again. But thats all in life. Be-sure and send me a card so we know as we are all anxiously waiting.

Give my love to all and Aunt Mary. And kiss your Mother dear for me.

As far as she can be able to have Company, let us know.

As Ever,

Elsie Neuebauer(?)

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