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Letters to Lorraine-September 10, 1935

Cataract Wis
Sept 10 – 1935

Dear Lorraine-

Just a line to let folkes know that I got home all right and found every just fine. And how is your mother? Hope she is feeling better. I sure feel sorry for her. My only wish is that she will get better again, and I hope it is gods wish too.

We washed yesterday, to-day we are ironing and sewing and we got tomatoes to can and also apples. Margaret had all the can full. Sunday we opened 2 cans meat and I emptied a quart jar mustard so we got 3 qts to fill. Have to go to town and get jars first. The men are changing silo filling. They got two more placed to fill yet.

Did Arno(?) go and see Nettie again! All of the family went to the fair Sunday at B. R. Falls. I took care of Marlene. Vernon came over Sunday afternoon to see Lewis, he said Elmer Timmers (?) have a big boy born on La Vern’s Birthday Sept. 4th. I better get busy and mix bread. I suppose you baked yesterday. Have the men folkes got the silo full! I suppose they have by now and give the folkes our regards also your mother

(Write Soon)

Aunt Mary

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