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Letters to Lorraine-September 15, 1935

Cataract, Wisc,
Sept 15 – 1935

Dear Lorraine & all-

I must take time and write a few lines to-nite or else I wont get at it after work day’s start as I have lots of canning to do yet. Got a bu. (bushel) peaches yesterday and have apples and tomatoe’s to can. I got 13 qts red tomatoe’s canned & 6 qts yellow by to morrow. there will be lots more. We bought 3 doz of 2 qt jars all ready by the time I have the stuff canned which we have on hand. Now they will be all full by the time we get all done will have 500 quart.

Did you can more apples? I asked Lizzie what made small apples shrivel up. She said they tell her it is caused from apples that are grown on some certain soil. Aunt Agnes tho’t it was because they were over ripe but Lizzie said not. So what can it be? And how is your Mother? I do hope that she is still gaining. Tell her to keep gaining as we all want to come and see her yet this fall and we want her home. I think of her every minute wondering if she is feeling better.

How is La Verna? Hope she is fine. Tell her the apples were fine. They tasted just as good here as they did there. Ha.

I suppose the men folkes have most of silo filling done by now. Tell them not to work to hard. I went and helped pile up our shock soy beans Friday fore-noon. I tho’t they had just a few cut but when I saw the big feild I told Uncle Will If I knew there was that many I’d never came. He laughed & worked on.

At noon Lawrence came home from silo filling they didn’t ask me to go. Some-time they have hot a heat and take pity on us women. Grace was home to-day the whole family only Ellis he just looked in the house a couple minutes and back out again Ha. We had Mission Festival to-day. Lizzie was home too. And did we ever eat musk & water melons. You should see what big one’s. Wish you folks had some of them. I dug up my onions last week, got better then 2 bu. and was that a job. So many weeds I had to get down on my knees and find them. I had them nice & clean. This fall they got so weedy.

Our ground cherries havent got no cheeries just the hull’s lay on the ground. The worms eat them on the bushes. I suppose they think they want to live too. Ha. Pinnow’s (?) didnt come to see us. She said to me by the church you’ll have to excuse us wont you we want to go to the fair to-day at B.R. Falls. I said yes you’ll have a better time there then at our place. She said I dont know how to take that. I didn’t worry either, they wanted us to come to the fair to. I told her my man didn’t believe in fairs. I didn’t go either. Lorettes man had such worm of pants on. I guess depression struck the whole bunch as she had the same dress on that she had on to your place. Style is all gone.

I better close & go to bed. It is 9 o clock. Time for little ones. Will close with best regards to all and hope your mother is getting better. Give her my love.


Aunt Mary

P.S. And be sure and write soon and let me know how your mother is.

excuse henscratching

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