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Letters to Lorraine-October 6, 1935

Tomah Wisc
October 6, 1935

Dear Cousin,

Dropping you a few lines to let you know I feel pretty good now. I suppose you heard I had an Operation on Gall Bladder & pendicitis. They operated on me a week from Friday. I think I can go home Wednesday or sooner if I get along good. There going to take the clips out to-morrow. Boy I am awful thin now. I think I’ll do well to weight 100 pds now. But they all say I look better now than I did before. I lost 4 lbs a week before my operation. I kept on getting worse after I got home the first time, couldn’t do any-thing, so I thought as long as I had to have it done, it might as well be done an over with. But it wasn’t so bad as the pains were before. There were about 100 stones they save, but the rest crushed. when they try to strain the blood out, there were seven stones in my pendicts (appendix?). I guess they didn’t think I was so bad until they operated.

I guess we wont get a chance to come down this fall now. We won’t drive our car cause it isn’t working very good. Vernon never would ask us a long. He’d take Minnie & Arnold before he take us anywhere. He took them a lot this summer up to Cataract, but he never ask us. I don’t know what we done to him. Never came to see us on Sunday this summer only when Minnie & Arnold wasn’t to home.

Vernon is coming down there pretty soon now I guess what we heard. He ask Marvin to go & Minnie & Arnold. That what Herman said. Marvin wants Herman to take his place while he go’s but he said he wouldn’t cause he want to go to.

We are moving next week Mon. but I won’t be in it. Elmer Ustin(?) is going to be here & Elmer & Edward going to hep us, our new address we be Wilton but I don’t know what Route no.

I got a card from Aunt Emma the other day, but she didn’t know I had my operation yet she heard I might have to. We haven’t seen Louis all summer. Will’s never been down since the sale on Leo’s either. They go to Arts a lot so he isn’t much farther then there. We’ve said this fall it seems like the farther the relation live that the only time they come. Like you folks were here this summer and Leo’s or Will’s never show up. Art & Agnes were here not long ago, so we will have to go there some day, before it gets cold.

Our friends & neighbors up Cataract comes down to see us but not the relation. We were going to have our baby baptized last Sun but I was here so we didn’t, so I think we will 2 weeks from to-day.Elmer name him Melvin. You ought not forget that name. I told him he had to name him, so that;s what he name him.

I guess I’ll have to close for to-day. Good bye

Elsie & Elmer & family

I hope your mother gets along good. I bet shes pretty thin to.

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