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Letters to Lorraine-September 16, 1935

Dear Lorraine,

How is your mother getting along now? We got your card saying she was better and then Mary came home and we saw her Sunday and she said Ella wasn’t to good last Friday. I hope she has been better now. Yes, it means work for you, child, but that mean nothing if only your mother gets well again- Work is our god send relief from worry and really if we had nothing to keep our minds and bodies occupied, we surly would go insane, just thinking–at least I would, unless I had a million dollars, so I could travel the globe and so have something to do. So my dear, you just go about in your quiet little way, and do the work and when your mother gets back on her feet, you can take a vacation and come out here–and if we do go to Milwaukee, and we sure want to, maybe we can take you back if you to go with us and we can stop at your place. I canned 25 qts of those apples from your place–I had trouble with them shriveling and Mary said you did, too, but that won’t make them taste any different.–I could use another bushel–guess we wont get any ripe tomatoes to can–They are loaded with big green ones but it sure stays cold here. Nothing can grow or ripen. Last night we had a white frost but I guess it didn’t hurt anything. Leo filled silo yesterday and took Fred Laugenbock (?) there swine. We got back from your place and was supposed to bring him back here last night but they didn’t show up–so I don’t know.

Maybe Fred got a steady job around there. Guess we can get along without him too. Art has a small field of Soy Beans cut and they don’t dry out either to get in. Sunday night we went to Black River Fair and all the relation were there. Just as we got there a heavy rain spoiled everything & so cold–we didn’t stay long–talked to Margaret & Grace Parlow & Ellis and Lavernn(?) & Evalyn & Leonard were there all day, but Mary stayed home with Marlene. Saw Pino’s tpp at the fair just as they were going out. Suppose they are back home by now. Emma Zillmer is not very well either. They took some blood from her about 2 weeks ago. She looked bad at the fair. Sat in the car most of teh time.

Elsie Tenner (?) is in Tomah hospital has a 9-pound boy- born September 4. They have to more too. Elmer was here Sunday morning to ask Art about farms for rent around here.

Did the boys find David’s little new car around there? He said some one had it for him cause when we left we could not fin it, so if you see it, please put it away and we will get it some time. Aunt Mary bought it for him, so I would like to keep it.

I wrote this letter about a week ago, so you see how we get our mail mailed. Now I’m finishing it in the car at that farm where Cal Bergman works. Art came out to see him about money. So I’ll have to close. Now let us know how Ella is–I hope she’s back home by now.

Best love to all

Agnes & Art

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