Directors of the Allis-Chalmers Co. 1901

The Official Staff of the Allis-Chalmers Company. The following is a completed list of the directors and officers of the Allis-Chalmers Company, whose head office is in the Home Insurance building, Chicago: Directors—William W. Allis. chairman, Milwaukee: W. J. Chalmers, Chicago: Elbert H. Gary, William A. Read and Cornelius Vanderbilt, New York, for three years; Charles Allis,… Continue reading Directors of the Allis-Chalmers Co. 1901


“A.C. Expediters Keep Materials Coming In”

We of Allis-Chalmers, Vol. III, No. 3, May 1943, page 4. What . . . when . . . for whom . . . and how the Company makes its products  (as explained in the last issue of "WE"), is decided by Priorities, as issued by the national War Production Board. But even though we… Continue reading “A.C. Expediters Keep Materials Coming In”


“A-C Workers Help Sink Subs”

We of Allis-Chalmers - Vol. III, No. 4, July 1943, Pg 2. How would you like to help sink a Nazi sub? The greatest obstacle today to American victory in the war is the deadly Nazi sub fleet. These murderous underwater craft travel the sea lanes in wolf packs. They torpedo merchant  ships without warning. They machine gun… Continue reading “A-C Workers Help Sink Subs”


Summer Reading

I always enjoy a good book or two during the summer months. My wife, Molly, got me hooked on Barnes & Noble, and all the wonderful books they have. I looks up book reviews, and then I add books I am interested in reading to my Goodreads account. It helps me share with others was… Continue reading Summer Reading


Highlights: Allis-Chalmers West Allis Works

Allis-Chalmers held factory tours over the years. The company had a number of promotional tour booklets published that visitors could take as a keepsake. This booklet, Highlights: Allis-Chalmers West Allis Works, I figure this was the company tour booklet circa 1955. Have you been on a tour of the West Allis Works or other AC factories? Did… Continue reading Highlights: Allis-Chalmers West Allis Works


“Two Million Dollar Expansion”

WE of Allis-Chalmers. September 7, 1947. Pgs 2-4 "Two Million Dollar Expansion Begins at Pittsburgh Works" Groundbreaking ceremonies in July for the new Columbus Plant at Pittsburgh Works officially opened a two million dollar expansion program there. The plan, which was announced by A-C President Walter Geist at the Board of Directors meeting in Pittsburgh in… Continue reading “Two Million Dollar Expansion”


“Years of Expansion”

This article published in a 1947 issue of WE of Allis-Chalmers commemorates the expansion of the company from 1847-1947.  With its new name, Allis-Chalmers Co., our company entered the twentieth century strengthened by the 1901 merger of the E. P. Allis Co. with three other leading industrial concerns. Annual business had reached the $10,000,000 mark, and… Continue reading “Years of Expansion”


Pride of Machinery Hall

The 1893 World's Columbian Exposition was a celebration of the 400th anniversary of the discovery of the New World, and the achievement of a city. Countries all over the world, businesses across the United States, and inventions were among the featured showcases at the exposition. Among the showcased industrial firms was the Edward P. Allis Company of Milwaukee,… Continue reading Pride of Machinery Hall