Allis-Chalmers B-210 Project

Allis-Chalmers B210 from advertising material
(Courtesy of SimpleTrACtors.com)

After many years I’ve finally started another Allis-Chalmers restoration project. This tractor is a little smaller–and it’s yellow instead of orange! This is a late 1960s Allis-Chalmers B-210 lawn tractor. The tractor itself is in good shape, but the Briggs & Stratton engine needs some TLC. These were lawn tractors made through the company’s Outdoor Products line manufactured at the plant in Lexington, South Carolina.

Last year my brother, Adam, contacted a guy on Facebook Marketplace that had this lawn tractor for sale. He wanted something in the neighborhood of $150-$200 for the tractor. He did say that the engine needed to be rebuilt. We were on our way home from a snowmobiling weekend at my father-in-law’s house, and we stopped to take a look at the tractor. The tractor itself was in okay condition. The metal on the tractor is in great shape and even the original leather seat is still intact! It is justing missing the hood emblem and fuel tank.

It was when he showed us the engine block that I began to reconsider the idea of purchasing it. Mice had made a nest in the blower housing, and the metal was rusted beyond repair. It was very clear that the engine needed some serious work and some parts needed to be replaced. The problem would be finding parts that are more than likely no longer made. We sort of went back and forth on the price. I told him it was more a project than I thought for the price he was asking. After sort of talking back and forth about the other tractors we’ve done, the guy offered it to us for free. He needed the small shed he had it stored in cleared out and wanted it to go to a good home. Adam and I just looked at each other knowing what the other was thinking–we can’t pass up free! We loaded her up, and away we went.

My New Toy

My brother got a start on the motor taking things apart and seeing what the situation was. I didn’t have a shop to work on this engine, so I built a small work area and workbench over the summer. I just recently got the engine to my place and started the process of this complete overhaul. I’ve never done an engine rebuild by myself. I’ve always worked with my brother on our tractors–he was the brains behind the engine and mechanical stuff. We always joked about how Dad financed the projects, Adam was the mechanic, and I was the historical consultant. But I picked up a lot from Dad and Adam that will help me with this rebuild. I’ve also located a service manual that has all the information needed to rebuild this engine.

My plan is to get this tractor up and running by winter 2021. My Dad purchased a snow thrower attachment a few years ago, and I am pretty sure that will fit this tractor. I would love to have that for moving snow. I’ll be able to do the whole block! I also will be able to use the plow attachment I have from my Allis-Chalmers 710 right now–that tractor is another project tractor in the future.

I am just so happy to have some Allis-Chalmers equipment to work on. I made my first YouTube video the other day to kickstart this project. I’ll work hard to post update videos. Honestly, it has been a hard transition going from living on a farm to living in the city. Playing around with these small garden tractors is a way for country folk like myself to keep my sanity in the city. I also want to hold onto a fun hobby that I enjoyed with Dad and Adam.

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