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Letters to Lorraine-May 21, 1935

Cataract, Wisconsin
May 21st 1935

Dear Lorraine,

Must take time and answer your letter tonight. We have been so busy. We have our house cleaning done. Yesterday I helped the men folks plant corn. Planted 13 acres. They still have more to plant for the silo. I can hardly walk to-day my feet are so sore.
I washed and ironed to day. So your mother had her teeth pulled. I bet she does look different. I was to the dentist about a week ago for the first time. I was kinda scared to go. I had 3 teeth filled, but they were only small ones. It didn’t hurt so much.
Grace said, she remembers that place where you were at that party. So that is the kind of parties you have. No beer. That is the main thing. Can’t talk so good without. Ha! Ha! Harve Cox played to the moonlight a few weeks ago. Us kids didn’t go, only Ellis. I haven’t been to a dance for so long.
So you have the measles close by. Hope you folks don’t get them.
What are you doing every day? Have you got your house cleaning done? Has Melvin got the kitchen painted?
Have you got any chain letters yet? Ma has. I bet some are rich already.
Guess I had better close. My writing is so poor you will be glad when you get this finished. Hope you folks are alright. We are still kicking.
Have you’s got your garden planted? Ma hasn’t hers quite finished. Hoping to hear from you soon.

With Love,
Margaret (Parlow)

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