2020 Review

Hello to my loyal followers. Yes, the Weekend Historian is alive and well during this pandemic we are living through. My family and I have remained safe and healthy the past few months. We did have a couple of scares, but we managed to get through unscathed. A few other family members did contract the virus, but they all recovered while only suffering mild symptoms. I made to document everything going on in my life, locally, and nationally in my pandemic journal. All in all, we have been healthy and have been working all year long–thankfully.

Even thought this had been an odd year, there was still plenty of fun to be had this summer. We visited the Little Historian’s grandmas and grandpas, went for walks through the park, and had a couple of play dates with his cousins. Mama Bear and I bought a small popup camper and went out to have some summer fun and make memories as a family. The Little Historian had a lot of fun. As always, we managed to slip in some history into our camping trip. Actually, it was Mama Bear who planned that outing–Wife of a Lifetime Award!

I am also proud to announce that the Little Historian will be getting a partner in crime come next March. Mama Bear and I are expecting another baby boy. The last couple of months I have been busy repairing windows, painting walls, and making adjustments to last minute kinks for the Baby Historian when he arrives. I am excited to have my boys with me for my historic discoveries!

While I haven’t been active on here, I apologize, I have been staying active in reading and doing other fun history activities. I’ve connected with a distant cousin, and we have been exchanging family histories with one another. I have been very fortunate to stumble into this person–we met through FindaGrave.com. We were supposed to meet this summer, but Covid-19 forced us to postpone until a later and safer date.

So that has been our year in a nutshell. It has been a very out-of-the-ordinary year for everyone, and I hope 2021 starts to trend back to something close to what we had before. I am holding myself to doing some more writing in 2021, and getting back to sharing history that excited me as often as a father of two young boys can. I’ll be stepping down from my role at the historical society, which will free up A LOT of my time.

Thank you to all of my loyal followers that find my random phases interesting to read about. Have a Merry Christmas and a safe, healthy, and happy new year!

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