family history

Letters to Lorraine-April 4,1935

Black River Falls, Wisconsin
April 4, 1935

Dear Lorraine,

Must take time and write a few lines. How is the world using you any way? It is fair to me. Good as can expected. The folks are all fine at home to was Sunday any way.

I surpose the men folks are busy on the field. I don’t know if they have started at home or not. But to day it is snowing here. Some weather any way. But have too take it as it comes.

Has Ellis wrote to you yet? He has been talking about it but surpose he is like I am, can’t get at it. He was up here to the show Sunday night.

You asked if I wanted that handkerchief. Tho it must of been oftly dirty. They always ??? carry ???Tell Melvin he can wash it and keep it on remembrance of our good time. Hope we can get to gether some time again. Soon

I am having from Wednesday night till Sunday night off for Easter. I told Mom I thought I go down down that way, but money is to scarce. Or I mean I got to many debts. I got a new outfit for Easter. All dark blue, slippers, gloves, dress, hat, stockings and I am also getting a new suit it is gray.So you see I have to kind of stinge for a while any way first part of May.

Well I am still on the same job. Will be here 7 months the 25 of April. Quite awhile for a stick like me.

Oh! Yes! How is Arnold making it as he isn’t working any more. Guess I will keep these overalls on.

I am going to the show to night with my old stick in the mud. I would sooner go to bed believe it or not. The WLS Merry Go Round is going to be here in person. Our new pastor is going to be here next Sunday. Would like to see him. I no he won’t be as good as the old one, but can’t tell. He is a young one too.

Well guess I better chop off for to night. We are having company for supper, so I must get dressed and get down stairs. or I will get my walking papers. We are cleaning house. Wish you could see this big house or manchion rather. But I don’t mind. 3.50 comes in pretty hand. Tell Melvin to write and not spend all his time on his girlfriends. HA! I could write more crap, but must quit.

As Ever,
Cousin Grace

Write Soon

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