family history

Letters to Lorraine-March 13,1935

Juneau, Wis.
March 13, 1935
Wednesday Eve

Dear Cousin,

Well how is every body coming around their I hope fine & dandy. I’m O.K. other wise too. Only a little bit tired yet from last nite. Ray and I were to Doty (?) Park to a penny bingo. I played every game from the beginning till the end. I won a box of apples & a cake, a can of pork and beans, and a box of soap. I sure had some fun. We came home first at 2:30 o-clock. And last Sunday nite we celebrated my birthday. Rudolph Huegli and Margret Huegli were just here but just the same we had all the fun we ? . We had some beer & pop. Candy and some ice cream. You know Rantzows weren’t home and so we had our fun.

Ray goes with that Huegli girl. I think you seen her to at the wedding that nite. The girl with the red dress on and she has black hair. She is a real nice girl too. The boy is nice too. He even sent me a birthday card. I sure must thank you for the nice one you sent me. I sure adore it too. Well I sure won’t forget your birthday next year either. So you think you are coming up here next Sunday? Well, you better come to I will be home. I hardely ever go away on Sundays. Most of the time Im here all alone on Sundays. Rantzows are up to Rochester. Minn. There all gone since last Friday all ready. And so Ray and I had to do the work alone. But I think that they are coming home on Thursday now March 14.

Well are you going to the big birthday on Friday nite. I don’t think that I’m going because I’m not invited you know. But I spose they will have a crowed again. But just the same I wished I could be their. I hate to miss it. But Oh nuts. Well you sure had Raymond Burmister peped up at the wedding. He said he wished he could take you out once.  He talks about you mosteley every day. But I spose he will take you out to once. Would you go along with him? As far as I know him I think he is a real nice guy. Of course I never tried him out once.  But still I think he isn’t so hot. 

Don’t you get to see my sis Evelyn once in a grate while. I don’t either. Only I had a letter from her yesterday and she sent me some handkerchiefs for my birthday. Well how is Alice and Ervin getting along. I spose fine and dandy. If you see her once, tell her to come up once again. I all ways wanted to go and see her but I never get so far. I spose now house cleaning will start too perty soon again. and Easter us coming to again. How the time flies. Well then I spose you will get a real new outfit and how. I spose I’ll get me a new hat and some shoes. Maybe a dress to get ?. I don’t yet. But first of all I will have to go to the denist and have my teeth fixed. I spose then that will cost me a good schmear to again thats the way the money goes.

Well I think I will have to close and go to bed before I fall a sleep yet. Well so long untill I see you with the ?? on. With love and kisses.

Your cousin,

Lenora Fredrick

P.S. Don’t forget to write again


Lenora Frederick

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