family history

Letters to Lorraine-April 3, 1935

Cataract, Wisconsin
April 3rd 1935

Dear Lorraine:-

Guess I had better finish this letter started almost a week ago. Ellis came and we went away so I didn’t write that nite.

We got his shirt O.K. I got your letter Tues. & Wed. the shirt came. The postage amounted to seven cents.

We started house cleaning to-day. We have 3 rooms to paper. Oh! Boy. Also lot of painting. Tell Melvin that the tractor will run without painting. Suppose he is painting it red. Ha! If that is all he has to do tell him to write once. Ellis got your card I guess. Haven’t seen Grace to tell her to write.

Evelyn and Leonard are just about settled. They have one bed room to paper yet. The rest of the rooms are all done. Marleen will soon be one year old. The 18th of April. We are getting a lot of new neighbors around here. They are moving in and out all the time.

We have been going to the Moonlight quite a few times. They don’t have parties here anymore. The people are getting to old. Ha!

So you have two new dresses for Easter. I am getting a new hat. I got a dress its blue, and I might get blue slippers. I don’t know for sure.

How is every one down there? Hope your mother is feeling better.

I’ve got a new minister. See him for the first time SUn.

Guess I will stop as this writing is getting worse. This pen is awful. Hope you can read it.

Your Cousin,


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