National Beer Day!

(Pink Lemonade of Life)
Today is National Beer Day celebrating 80 years since the end of an awful beer dry spell.  Franklin D. Roosevelt came into office in 1933 trying to break the Great Depression that gripped the nation. FDR pushed through congress and signed the Beer & Wine Revenue Act that made alcohol under 3.2% potency legal. Why did FDR want liquor to flow freely again? I am sure our 32nd president enjoyed a good beer every now and then, but the revenue and jobs breweries offered was just what the country needed.  On April 7, 1933, beer was able to flow freely once again, and Milwaukee, Wisconsin, was the place to be.

April 6, 1933, The Milwaukee Sentinel headlined “BEER HERE AT MIDNIGHT!”  and was followed by stories and information of what people were to expect. Cases of beer from Milwaukee breweries were flown out to Washington D.C. for President Roosevelt with a message saying, “Here’s to you-President Roosevelt. The first real beer in years!”  Friday, April 7, 1933, beer made its triumphant return to the city of thirsty beer drinkers. The Milwaukee Journal headlined “Huge Midnight Crowds Hail Beer Here”.

100,000 Give Cheers as Breweries Open

I celebrated National Beer Day by enjoying OktoberFest beer brewed by the Jacob Leinenkugel Brewing Company of Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. As you can see, my fiance’ also took part in the celebration. We both enjoy a good beer now and then. We even made a trip to New Glarus, Wisconsin, to tour the New Glarus Brewing Company this past winter. It is hard to imagine in our nation’s history that such a fine beverage like beer was poured down the drain and forbidden to drink. I hope that history never repeats itself.


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