Allis-Chalmers Patent Archive

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I am starting a BIG project that involves researching, sorting, and cataloging Allis-Chalmers patents. Most of these documents are already online, but it takes some intense searching to find them. It is not as easy as typing in “Roto-Baler” and having all of those patents appear. There are a lot of great diagrams and detailed mechanical descriptions with them. I also ran across some improvements or accessories invented outside the company. Click here to get to the patent archive. I have uploaded the Roto-Baler patents for right now. You can also access the page by clicking the link under “Menu” on the homepage. Be sure to check back from time to time because more patents are on the way.

2 thoughts on “Allis-Chalmers Patent Archive”

  1. Austin, Best of luck with this project. This is amazing. Are you planning on cataloging as many A/C patents as you can find or just concerning the equipment that holds your interest? Either way this is impressive.

    1. Thanks Thomas! I am going to start with farm equipment and then move to other things. I am working on the Snap-Coupler stuff right now. It should be pretty interesting to see what I dig up.

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