D-10 Series II Restoration

(If you would like to see some of our other restorations, click here.) Our D-10 was the 4th and most recent restoration job that we worked on. I had done some various work on it in it before the painting part of the project. My brother and I took the head off, only because the… Continue reading D-10 Series II Restoration


D-19 Restoration

In 2006, my dad, brother and I decided to take up a new hobby. Dad thought that getting some old tractors and machinery might be fun, and we could use them to make some small food plots near our woods. He bought a 1962 Allis-Chalmers D-17 Series II and, although we never really intended to, we started to… Continue reading D-19 Restoration


“Makeup for a Tractor”

"Makeup for a Tractor" WE of Allis-Chalmers-March/April 1946 It takes four minutes for two men armed with spray guns to put on a tractor’s “makeup.” The smooth, shiny coat of Persian orange paint the spraymen apply makes A-C tractors look like slabs of sunshine as they roll off the West Allis assembly line at the… Continue reading “Makeup for a Tractor”