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Grandpa’s Tractors

Grandpa and his BF Avery A tractor I remember visiting Grandma and Grandpa Frederick's house as a kid and Grandpa would dig out the photo albums. We would go through and he would tell a story about certain pictures--I wish I could remember them all! There was one album with pictures of tractors, equipment and… Continue reading Grandpa’s Tractors


John Deere Letter About Allis-Chalmers

Here is some tractor history that Allis-Chalmers and John Deere enthusiasts can get interested in. The word in the AC world  is that John Deere was rather pleased when Allis-Chalmers finally stopped making tractors on December 6, 1985. Rumor has it that John Deere was so thrilled that it (whoever "it" was at Deere & Co.) sent out a letter to the dealers… Continue reading John Deere Letter About Allis-Chalmers