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Grandpa’s Tractors

Grandpa and his BF Avery A tractor

I remember visiting Grandma and Grandpa Frederick’s house as a kid and Grandpa would dig out the photo albums. We would go through and he would tell a story about certain pictures–I wish I could remember them all! There was one album with pictures of tractors, equipment and work being done on the farm. taped to the inside of the album cover was a list of all of the tractors and cars Grandpa had owned. Mom and Dad got the photo albums and that list, so I thought it would be fun to share the tractor portion of his list and a few of the photos.

McCormick 10-120
John Deere BR
John Deere AR
McCormick W4
McCormick W6
John Deere G
B.F. Avery A
B.F. Avery
John Deere B
Cockshutt 50
Allis-Chalmers D-19
Allis-Chalmers C
McCormick B
John Deere H
John Deere A
Ford 8N
Ford 900
Oliver 1755
Deutz D 8006
John Deere M
Minneapolis-Moline 445
Leyland 270
Deutz-Fahr DX 90
Deutz-Fahr DX110
Deutz 6206
International Harvester 140

4 thoughts on “Grandpa’s Tractors”

      1. Do you mean about the picture with all the guys and there tractors? My dad told me another farmer got hurt in the area and neighbors and friends came together and did some plowing
        for him.

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