Wabash Screen Door Co.

I recently acquired this fine piece of history! I had no idea what it was. I see that it says "Wabash Screen Door Co." on the logo. I thought it was a top to a shipping crate. I was WAY off! This is an old stove board. One side was wood laths, pictured above, and… Continue reading Wabash Screen Door Co.


#3 Terre Haute Works

The Terre Haute Works in Terre Haute, Indiana was constructed to build the compressor components for jet engines. Curtis-Wright had contracted the firm to build the components for their J-65 turbojet engines. Allis-Chalmers announced on April 28, 1951 that they would erect a $25,000,000 facility in Terra Haute. In August 1951 construction got underway to… Continue reading #3 Terre Haute Works