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Letters to Lorraine-October 6, 1935

Tomah WiscOctober 6, 1935 Dear Cousin, Dropping you a few lines to let you know I feel pretty good now. I suppose you heard I had an Operation on Gall Bladder & pendicitis. They operated on me a week from Friday. I think I can go home Wednesday or sooner if I get along good.… Continue reading Letters to Lorraine-October 6, 1935

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Letters to Lorraine-September 15, 1935

Cataract, Wisc,Sept 15 - 1935 Dear Lorraine & all- I must take time and write a few lines to-nite or else I wont get at it after work day's start as I have lots of canning to do yet. Got a bu. (bushel) peaches yesterday and have apples and tomatoe's to can. I got 13… Continue reading Letters to Lorraine-September 15, 1935

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Letters to Lorraine-September 10, 1935

Cataract WisSept 10 - 1935 Dear Lorraine- Just a line to let folkes know that I got home all right and found every just fine. And how is your mother? Hope she is feeling better. I sure feel sorry for her. My only wish is that she will get better again, and I hope it… Continue reading Letters to Lorraine-September 10, 1935

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Letters to Lorraine-September 4, 1935

Waukesha, Wis.,Sept. 4, 1935 Dearest Lorraine and all, Have been thinking of you folks ever since Sunday. Hope your mother is on the gain. Just drop me a card so we know how she is and perhaps we can go and see her some afternoon if she is able to have company. Every body at… Continue reading Letters to Lorraine-September 4, 1935

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Artificial Intelligence Brings Family Photos To Life

I found out about this app through Facebook and gave it a try. It can be a little creepy, but it brought a tear to my eye to see my great-grandma and grandpa Frederick moving and smiling. Click the link below to learn more. Source: Artificial Intelligence Brings People in Historic Photos Back To Life

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Finding My Family

As I put the Frederick family history together, I've run into a few roadblocks and mysteries in y genealogy journey. As of late, I've been working on finding and documenting some of the extended family relationships with my great-great-grandmother Ella (Zillmer) Frederick. A photograph is at the center of my genealogy conundrum in this search.… Continue reading Finding My Family

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Letters to Lorraine-June 25, 1935

Neosho, WisconsinJune 25, 1935 Dearest Lorraine, I never hear from you, so I thought I'd write again.How did your get over the birthday? Ha! Ha!Did you go to the Schwartz Sunday? I was to Neosho to the church picnic, that is with the folks. Was you and Melvin here Sunday to get me? How about… Continue reading Letters to Lorraine-June 25, 1935

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Letters to Lorraine-May 21, 1935

Cataract, WisconsinMay 21st 1935 Dear Lorraine, Must take time and answer your letter tonight. We have been so busy. We have our house cleaning done. Yesterday I helped the men folks plant corn. Planted 13 acres. They still have more to plant for the silo. I can hardly walk to-day my feet are so sore.… Continue reading Letters to Lorraine-May 21, 1935

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A Letter to Ella Frederick

  I've posted letters written to my Grand-Aunt Lorraine. I have one letter in that stack that was written to her mother, my great-grandmother, Ella (Zillmer) Frederick. Ella was suffering from an illness for at least a year or so. This letter was written to her by a niece up in Tomah, Wisconsin. At the… Continue reading A Letter to Ella Frederick

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Letters to Lorraine-April 1935

Cataract, Wis.April 1935 Dear cousin Lorraine, Thought I would sit down and write a few lines to you. We herd from you. But we been so busy we forgot to write to you. I have been busy with my school work all the time that I didn't have time. So tonight I thought I would… Continue reading Letters to Lorraine-April 1935