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Week 10: Worship

Oooooo I made it to week 10 of 52 for the 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks writing challenge! The prompt word this week is “worship.” I thought I would share some great family history resources and visuals connected with my ancestors’ faith.

Pomeranian Church Records

Church my family went to in Biziker, Kreis Koeslin,

I’ve traced some of my family back to 1734 using old, old, old church records. The Frederick family originated from several small villages in Kreis Koeslin, Pomerania, Prussia. From what I understand, there were no uniform vital records kept until shortly after the German Empire formed in 1871. Churches kept pretty good records of births, marriages, and deaths before then. I really owe it to one of my cousins for sharing this information with me. I would have never made the progress in my research without her help.

Birth of my x5 Great-Grandfather Christian Fraedrich in 1734
Kratzig Church Records

Wisconsin Church Records

The Fredericks settled in southern Dodge County, Wisconsin, in 1869. The farm–still in our family–is in the unincorporated community called Sugar Island that is in the Town of Lebanon. My x2 great-grandparents went to church in the nearby village of Lebanon. Later on, the family started going to a church built in Sugar Island within walking distance of their farm. I’ve discovered records with my family from both congregations while doing research at the Dodge/Jefferson Counties Genealogical Society in Watertown, Wisconsin.

Religious Certificates/Photos

These are some of my favorite family heirlooms! We are so fortunate to have the priceless family keepsakes with their religious milestones. These truly are awesome pieces of family history to have. I also love the photographs. I can remember my confirmation, which was a long time ago already! It makes me want to dig out my certificates and photos. I’ll have to be sure to include them in the family book I am writing.

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