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Letters to Lorraine-October 16, 1935

Neosho, Wis.
Oct. 16, 1935

Dearest Lorraine,

How are you? I never see you very often, so I thought I would write. I always see Melvin or Clarence. I was always waiting to hear from you but never received and letter.

I suppose you are working hard every day.

Does Lavern still go to school, or is she through school? S’pose your through cleaning house, or didn’t you start yet? You’re got enough boys to help you. But I s’pose they aren’t fit for house work. Ha! Ha! Do they read your letters?

I was surprised when Melvin told me the other Sunday that your mother was home. He said she wasn’t feeling so good. Is she in bed? I forgot to ask you Sunday. I hope she gets better soon.

This month is a birthday at your place. How old is he going to be. It seems to me he’s going to be twenty-three. Doesn’t he feel old? Ha! Ha!

How did you get over the fair? Its almost a month ago, but that was some fair, maybe you don’t remember so far back. Didn’t your cloths look nice though?

Well one more question before I close

How did you get home Sunday night? I got home alirght.

Hoping to see you soon and hear from you soon

With Love,


Sealed with a kiss
To the one that gets this

Write soon

Where a cat runs up a tree. Just pull its tail and think of me.

Excuse my scribbling because I’m in a hurry.

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