Blast From the Past

My recent work on historical projects related to Civil Defense and the Cold War era are strikingly similar to the events unfolding in North Korea. According to USA Today, North Korea is planning to launch a multi-stage rocket that is capable of carrying nuclear warheads. CNN reports that North Korean officials stated that the missile… Continue reading Blast From the Past


Wisconsin Civil Defense

Wisconsin civil defense unofficially began on August 29, 1950, by the order of Governor Oscar Rennebohm.[i]  The formal incorporation of the Wisconsin Office of Civil Defense was through the passage of the Act 433, Laws of 1951. By the time Wisconsin formally organized its state organization, the Federal Civil Defense Administration (FCDA) had already been… Continue reading Wisconsin Civil Defense

Allis-Chalmers, History

Allis-Chalmers & Civil Defense Part II

As a follow-up to my previous post, I would like to fill you in on some new information that I received from the National Archives. I sent an inquiry to the archives about Allis-Chalmers' involvement with the development of the National Emergency Alarm Repeater system (NEAR). If you haven't read that post yet, click here.… Continue reading Allis-Chalmers & Civil Defense Part II

Allis-Chalmers, History

Allis-Chalmers and Civil Defense

I am beginning to turn up some very interesting material for my History Seminar project. I've gone through boxes upon boxes, folders upon folders. papers upon papers, and I have run into Allis-Chalmers a few times in the old Wisconsin Bureau of Civil Defense information. The company played two interesting roles in Wisconsin Civil Defense. One was devising a CD plan… Continue reading Allis-Chalmers and Civil Defense


#3 Terre Haute Works

The Terre Haute Works in Terre Haute, Indiana was constructed to build the compressor components for jet engines. Curtis-Wright had contracted the firm to build the components for their J-65 turbojet engines. Allis-Chalmers announced on April 28, 1951 that they would erect a $25,000,000 facility in Terra Haute. In August 1951 construction got underway to… Continue reading #3 Terre Haute Works