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Covid-19 Journal Project

I hope that all of my readers and followers have been staying safe and healthy during this wild chapter of world history. My family and I have been taking the necessary precautions to keep ourselves safe these past three months–social distancing, masks, and practicing good hygiene It’s been a tough and strenuous quarantine, but we are doing our part to protect ourselves and others.


When the situation started to get more serious, I purchased a diary on Amazon to start jotting down my daily thoughts and news. I started my journal on March 16 and have written a page each day–okay, I think I missed two days. I wanted to make sure I captured what was happening that day, my thoughts/reactions, how our family was adjusting and dealing with the quarantine, and major news about the virus. At some point, I also started to include the state and county confirmed cases/fatalities, news clippings, photos, and even a fortune I got out of a fortune cookie that says, “Don’t Panic.”

Historical organizations undoubtedly understand how historic this is–the last time this happened was over 100 years ago! Journaling projects have been set up for people to write their experience and then donate them to these historical societies to save as a human record of the Covid-19 Pandemic. I think this is awesome project that will give people in the future a human connection to the events unfolding now. While my journal will not be going to an archive, I do plan to pass this down so my kids, grandkids, great-grandkids will know what we went through.

The headline of the Oct. 11, 1918 Wisconsin State Journal states that all schools, colleges, churches, theaters and other public meeting places may be ordered to close.
Story from Oshkosh Herald  on Covid-19 Pandemic




Have you been keeping a journal? Are you keeping notes, photos, news clippings, or other items in it, too? If you have not done one, it is not too late to start! We are starting a new phase of this pandemic. Get a journal, a notebook, or keep a digital journal. We are living through a defining moment of history, and we cannot afford to let the future forget what happened here and now.