family history

Letters to Lorraine- January 20, 1935

Woodland, Wis
Jan 20, 1935.

Dearest Friend Lorraine,

Received your letter and was glad to hear from you. Was going to answer back last Sun. But I didn’t get no time for I had to work that day. This Sun the rest are gone except dad and my-self so I got lots of time. We had a chimney fire a week ago Sat night. It started burning between the hour of eight and nine and it was about half past one as they got it out. We didn’t have no ladders in order to get up to the roof so we called for the fire department of Neosho. One man from Neosho said it was the worst chimney fire he seen and I believe so my self. My cousin Thilda and grandma came the next day and wanted to help us wash the wall and the woodwork off in the kitchen. We wouldn’t of started anything, but as long as they came and wanted to help us why we got to work. Our kitchen floor isn’t clean yet. As soon as it gets warmer we’ll have to build a new chimney. Boy that will be another mess to clean up.

I wasn’t down to the Schwartz since the 14th of Oct. We were on our way coming down the Sun. you were there, but we had to get a girl from Beaver Dam and on our way coming back we had an accident at Juneau. There were seven of us in the car, cost ten bucks to get the car fixed and lucky to say it wasn’t ours, so if you would of came you wouldn’t of found us at home. The man we asked who should take us to Hartford wanted seven dollars and we thought that was to much so we didn’t care if we got there or not. I’ll say I had a time finding my purse and the other girl her cap. So you better watch out that you don’t get in something like that. Hot Shots!

Yes, I bet you looked for us girls to come. If it wouldn’t be winter time now Alma and I maybe would have been there already. Maries (?) birthday was Jan 6th and we were over in the afternoon. Played cards, drank beer and wine. Whoopee and Hour! I asked her several times before when she was coming to get Alma and me and she said she didn’t know. Its heck when you wait for a different chauffer to come except your beau. Don’t you think so?

We got a radio for Xmas and I got a few things. My brothers got more than Alma and I. Maybe Clarence told you that we had a radio. How did you like the weather Friday? It should have kept on snowing for a little while yet then we would of had sleigh riding fun. Don’t you think so? Or are you afraid of snow?

Next week Alma and I might be at Watertown for a weeks vacation. While we are there Alma wants to go and see the dentist. Its a swell place to go. This week I want to sew Alma a dress and my cousins Margaret and Martha one also. Right now Im doing a little bit of fancy work to past away the time.

I haven’t heard yet that Le Roy is married and even if I seen his girle at Marks wedding I don’t remember her no more. Well if he is hoping he doesn’t make it to hot right away.

Well I guess I’ll have to close now for its getting late and I must get supper ready. This is the end of all bees wax and it will be your turn next.

With Love,


Better excuse my crooked writing.

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