family history

Letters to Lorraine- February 4, 1935

113 North Tenth Street
Watertown, Wisconsin
February 4, 1935

Dear Lorriane,

Must write to you once as I am not very busy tonight, because I got to study periods tomorrow. I was quite busy the last few weeks, because we had our semester exams. I got through in all of them so why should I worry? How are you and Vivan? Hope fine as I am. There is quite a bit of Scarlet fever in town, but I don’t care.

How come you wasn’t at the birthday party at Moldenhauer’s the other night. I missed you and _______. Well I had a pretty good time but then it could have been better. Did you stay for the dance, Saturday nite? I wanted to stay and the rest wanted to go home so I had to go along. I was so mad I didn’t even curl my hair for Sunday.

We was invited out to a 80th birthday dinner Sunday and that was so a darn dry one. I was just wishing to go home. I didn’t know very many of the kids and the most of them were from Milwaukee. So I didn’t care to know them very well.

I would of had a better time if I would of stayed home alone. Ha Ha

Well I guess I must close. Tell Vivan to write some of those old fashion letters we wrote the last couple of years. Ha Ha I just got done writing a long letter to Switzerland so good nite.

Don’t Forget to Write
Don’t wait as long as I

Lovingly Yours,

Angela Eva Kuenzi

Excuse my awful writing

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