Universal Motor Company- Oshkosh, Wis

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Until moving to Oshkosh a few years ago, I never realized how industrial this city used to be. From what I have been told, Oshkosh was considered the second city in Wisconsin,  behind Milwaukee. Dominated by the lumber industry, the shores of the Fox River were packed with mills and other industrial firms.  Three major railroad lines ran through the city and serviced many firms that built next to its tracks. But, like Milwaukee, hard times hit Oshkosh and businesses closed or moved out.

The urban landscape of Oshkosh has changed and continues to change.The mills that crowded the shores of the Fox River have been demolished to make room for parks, university buildings, or turned into luxury condominiums. Old railroad lines through town have disappeared or turned into hiking trails. Formal industrial firms stand hollow along what used to be these railroad lines. Traveling down Harrison Street will bring you past a few of these former industrial buildings; one of them still has its name engraved in a cement header: “Universal Motor Company.”

Universal Motor Company (circa 1940)
Universal Motor Company (circa 1940)

The history of the company dates back to 1898 when E.H. Fahrney built and patented his marine motor. He owned a summer home in Oshkosh, and enjoyed boating on Lake Winnebago. He organized a motor company with Louis Monahan and John Termaat in Oshkosh. The company went through a few names, but was reorganized as the Universal Motor Company in 1913, which built marine motors, industrial engines, and generators in Oshkosh. The company originally started in a building on Ceape Street, but had to build a larger plant on Harrison Street to increase production.

For a more thorough history of the firm and its products, click here.

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I am not sure whether the building is still in use anymore. The firm was acquired by Westerbeke in the 90s, and company operations moved to the parent plant in Massachusetts. It looks like there have been some additions to the building, and there is still a mailbox at the address.

2 thoughts on “Universal Motor Company- Oshkosh, Wis”

  1. Austin, I do follow your history, an idea or two for you, i haven’t heard or seen anybody do much research on the Allis division in La Crosse Wi, formerly La Crosse Plow Co. Some of the plants are still here,the family was also connected with the La Crosse Happy Farmer Tractor. I was recently in the Main La Crosse Public Library and they do have a small file on the La Crosse Plow company, and i know they used to have one on Allis in La crosse. Also a recent La Crosse Tribune article pointed out that there is a pending project for a new major hotel in doentown La Crosse that would take down more of the old plants. I do have the article so should you want it i can give you the date so you find it on Trib’s web site.

  2. I have a Model M306-GH and would like to learn more about it. 6V / 35a, 1 cyl. It’s been modified with a Ford Model A radiator. I believe that I can make it operable.

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