Allis Sanborn Maps

The American Geographical Society Library at the  University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee has an amazing collection of Sanborn maps of Milwaukee from 1894 and 1910. The E.P. Allis Reliance Works and Allis-Chalmers Company are among the maps in this collection. Each picture below will take you to the page where they can be viewed up close.… Continue reading Allis Sanborn Maps


When the Railroad Arrived in Markesan

On September 16, 2012, I had an extraordinary time at the Markesan Historical Society's annual Heritage Days. I was invited there to showcase and promote the book I recently published, Images of America Markesan. I was also distributing a historic tour map of our town. Another historical society member and I constructed a walking tour… Continue reading When the Railroad Arrived in Markesan


Allis-Chalmers Acquisitions & Growth

Here is a list of the factories and firms across the world that made up Allis-Chalmers and the vast amount products they made. This can be found in Norm Swinford's book Allis-Chalmers Construction Machinery & Industrial  Equipment. I think there might be a couple more that should be added, but these are the ones that… Continue reading Allis-Chalmers Acquisitions & Growth


Allis-Chalmers Factory Complexes

I live and breathe Allis-Chalmers history. The story of the industrial giant, which was once headquartered in Milwaukee, has attracted many other followers and enthusiasts like myself. The story of the company’s achievements and innovation is worth studying. I have set out to locate and document the locations of some of the factories, ones that… Continue reading Allis-Chalmers Factory Complexes