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Letters to Lorraine-October 29, 1934

I have been working with my first cousin once removed Aryllis on some family history the last couple of year. She has been doing this for many, many years and has some great material to share. Last summer I went to visit with her, and she was kind enough to lend me letters that her… Continue reading Letters to Lorraine-October 29, 1934


In the Works…

It has been a busy couple of weeks, but I am working on something special that will be published soon. I am by no means an art snob, so I surprised myself when I stumbled into an artist whose work I really admire. The Italian-American artist Alfonso Iannelli sculpted some impressive pieces right here in… Continue reading In the Works…

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More Courthouse Lights

It was last May that the old, bronze light went back up in the lobby area on the second floor of the Winnebago County Courthouse. It had been nearly two years since we re-acquired the old chandelier that was removed sometime in the 1970s. I spent several days working on that light to get it… Continue reading More Courthouse Lights