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10-Year Anniversary of My Book

Wow, how time flies! It has been 10 years since the publication of my book, Images of America: Markesan, which tells the history of my hometown through photos. For those who have never heard of Markesan, it is a city of about 1,300 people (give or take) located in Green Lake County, Wisconsin. The community’s prosperity was due largely to its location in some of the best farmland in the state, and the ag industries it supports there. Additionally, a quarrying operation in the community of Utley, a few miles east of Markesan, facilitated the extension of the railroad to the city in the 1880s to boost commerce. There are plenty of reminders of this “Grand Community’s” historic past. A visit to the impressive facility of the Grand River Valley Museum is well worth the trip!

I learned a lot about my community’s past and am proud of the finished product. To mark the occasion, I’ve ordered a small number of the books available that are available for purchase. If you’re interested in a signed copy the books are $22.00 + Shipping.

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