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Letters to Lorraine-October 2, 1935

Cataract Wis
Oct 2 -1935

Dear Lorraine & all:-

I have been wondering so much how your mother is. So I tho’t I would write. I was disappointed when you wrote she was still in the hospital. I expected to hear that she was better and home, which I hope she is by now. As she has been there such a long long time. I suppose you are busy as allways and all the rest too. Will has the potatoes to dig yet and Lawrence is getting rye ground ready. What luck did your Dad have with the little pigs? Hope he didn’t lose anymore. So Arno (?) don’t go to see Nettie any more, Ma-be the old lady told him he didn’t need to come any more. Even had his fortune told, well I suppose he’ll worry the rest of teh days who it could be.

Melvin will have to tell him again his woman wants money or else he wont send any. Margaret is over to Evelyns helping her this week has to help pick up spuds.

Did that lady get your dress made? Did she do a good job on that colar part? As far as she had it done then looked O.K.

I better go to bed it is chilly sitting around. We will soon have to look for heaters and winter clothes, long legged pants and cut the legs off. Ha.

Write and let us know how your mother is.

With Love From
Aunt Mary

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