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Letters to Lorraine-September 24, 1935

Cataract Wis
Sept. 24 -1935

Dear Lorraine & all:-

I must write a few lines seeing Margaret it writing. How is your Mother? Hope she is home and feeling fine. I was so glad to hear that she was feeling better. Hope if she is home she is careful what she eats as that is very important they tell us.

I am so tired to-nite. can hardly write. They gave me the job striping sugar cane. That is a lonesome job. Finished this after-noon. Margaret took pity on me and helped a while. To-morrow we have to top it and cut it. The men will finish cutting corn to-morrow. Then they got 14 acres buck wheat to cut on the goodenough farm. Then buck wheat pancakes & sorgum oh oh that will be something.

Did LaVern get her candy? Or is she still waiting? Tell your ma Hattie Parlow is married. Married some goof from near Oak Ridge. The first thing Lewis tho’t of when Margaret told him Hattie was married was she’ll have a baby pretty soon. His mind drags.

We are trying to teach him the time table but those wont stay in his head in 5th grade and don’t no any(?) time tables last year. He said he copyed them out of his book. Last Sunday he came home from school and didn’t no what his lesson was for next time. School’s shouldnt be made for him.

Well I better close and go to bed. Be sure and let us know how your mother is. Hope the rest are all well. Regards to all

Aunt Mary

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