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The Spanish Flu Experience in Winnebago County


I can’t help but be interested in the parallels of our current pandemic with the one in 1918. Naturally, I have been diving into the newspapers and trying to find any information/accounts/statistics of that horrible disease that swept the world back then. I stumbled upon this paper that sheds some light on our county’s experience. Click the hyperlink to see read the document.

1918 influenza: a Winnebago County, Wisconsin perspective.

2 thoughts on “The Spanish Flu Experience in Winnebago County”

  1. Hello, Austin, I am glad you found this study by Dr. Teri Shors who teaches Virology, among other courses at UW-Oshkosh. She is a friend who worked very hard doing the research on the Spanish Influenza. Last summer we were talking about her study because I had mentioned the building of the Riverside Chapel and the Vault which were precipitated by the 1918 epidemic. Little did we know that we would be experiencing another epidemic a few months later.  I enjoy your articles. Thank you for sharing them. I presume you are excited about the Fluor blueprints/drawings found at their building on Otter Avenue. What a resource they could be! Cheers,Shirley

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