Allis-Chalmers, Tractors

AC Proving Grounds Tow Tractor

I bet many of you have one of those, “ahhhh I wish I hadn’t missed out on that,”      moments. That’s exactly how I feel about not getting the chance to see this tow tractor that Allis-Chalmers had at the proving grounds. These units were towed, several at a time, behind behind tractors to conduct mechanical tests before going into full production.

This tow unit was brought to the 2019 Orange Spectacular; an Allis-Chalmers show held in Hutchinson, Minnesota every fourth weekend in July. My brother and nephew went to the show last year and got to see it. I plan on going this year, and maybe, just maybe it will be there again.

Tow Tractors in Action

Check out this interview with one of former AC proving grounds employees that explains what it was used for and how it worked. I actually met this gentleman last fall when I gave a talk about the history of AC tractors at the Richfield Historical Society

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