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Letters to Lorraine-April 1935

Cataract, Wis.
April 1935

Dear cousin Lorraine,

Thought I would sit down and write a few lines to you. We herd from you. But we been so busy we forgot to write to you. I have been busy with my school work all the time that I didn’t have time. So tonight I thought I would write to you. I did not bring home my school work because I wanted to write a few letters tonight. So I set down and thought I would write to you first. We are all fine down here. But my Dad was sick lately. How are all of you? I hope fine. My mother is not feeling any to good. We have a nice weather put here. It sure is warm. The men folks have been plowing here. We aren’t half done here yet. Gee, how do you supose that we could go to the worlds fair, we didn’t have any money. We got Kenneth’s confirmation picture. He sure did look nice. You supose you’re the only ones who has to pay hospital bill and doctor bills? I guess not. We have a big bill to pay too. I supose you herd that my Dad was in the hospital too. He had an operation for Rupture. Evelyn hand Leonard rented a farm. Evelyn’s baby is sure getting big now. It won’t be long before she can walk. We got an new minister. His name is Rev. Bleichwehl. He is a nice looking minister. Our other minister went to Madison to preach that why we had to get a different one. Did you ever get your star flower bed made? We have still got our yet. Supose your ready to plant garden seeds already. I soon will be out of school and it won’t be long. But I don’t know what to do this summer. But may be I’ll find enough work to do. Gee I can’t think of anymore to tell you. News is so sacred to me, because I don’t get away very much.

Your Cousin,

Lucille Beltz

Excuse my writing and my spelling because I was in such a hurry. My Dad was quite bad and while I was taking care of him I didn’t know what to write. Wishing joy and a happy live to all. We only enjoy ourselves once. Don’t you thin so. Good by

Write Soon

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