family history

Letters to Lorraine- January 14, 1935

B.R. Falls Wisconsin
January 14, 1935

Dear Lorraine,
Well how is the world using you these queer day? It is using me as well as can be expected. Only I wanted to go home Saturday night and it snow so hard I couldn’t and now it is snowing again I see.
I washed to day got done at 10 oclock. Not so bad. Gee I hated to come back new years day. I got back about 8:30 or so. Ellis took me back. We were to Alvins for supper.
They had a brith day party for Leonard on 5 January But I didn’t get there. I went to the show Saturday night, and I went Sunday after noon again. Tuesday I was to a dance at the Moonlight. Friday night to a show again.
I was planning on going to a dance Saturday night But it snowed to hard. I would like to go next Saturday night. But I don’t surpose I will get there. Ellis is going but don’t do me any good. He was up here yester day. The only one that does come and see me once in awhile. He siad he thought he would of got a letter from you long ago so he has given up hope.
When do you surpose we will get to that dance again? Us 4 I mean. Sure had a swell time. Don’t see why that place cant be closer instead of way down there. I don’t Blame Melvin & Clarence for wanting to go there all the time. I was to the Moonlight New Years eve. Had a good time there too. Only it isn’t such a nice place.
Just think I wrote 3 letters too day. Not so bad. To Mother and Aunt Lizzie.
Next Thursday I am getting my permanent wave. So I am kind of tickled you will have to come and see my bushy head then. I will have the
big head I guess.
It seems kind of good to get a check of $3.50 every week I am telling you.
Warren Jones gave me too nice pairs silk stocking for Xmas. He wasn’t here when I left so he gave them to me when I came back. Well Guess I told you all the news. So don’t for get to write. Get after that big brother so he writes once too. Don’t for get. Guess I will Keep these overhalls on Ha Ha Ha

As ever your cousin

Write soon

Great Uncle Melvin (left) and Great Uncle Clarence (right) confirmation 1927

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