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Local Building Research #2

A few posts ago I talked about a house being considered for the Oshkosh Landmarks Commission Historic Plaque Program and the research I did for the property owners. Earlier this year we had another property owner express interest in having his property locally landmarked, which protects a structure’s historic character from being drastically altered. The owner didn’t know much about the history of his place, so I volunteered my research skills to uncover this beautiful home’s past.

My go-to resources for this research project was the Oshkosh Public Library, NewspaperArchive, Oshkosh Public Museum Archives, and the Winnebago County Register of Deeds. The library has a large collection of Oshkosh City Directories and other local resources to help local historians like myself to do in-depth research. NewspaperArchive, although no longer available to library users, is an invaluable tool for conducting research. I was able to find information on the home’s former occupants and learn a little more about them. The register of deeds and Oshkosh Public Museum provided the chain of title and tax history I needed to pinpoint a year when the house was constructed.

Check out my report to the Oshkosh Landmarks Commission by clicking the image below. I would be more than happy to assist you with your historic home research. Send me an email and we can talk!




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