Bring on the Snow!



Okay, so it’s officially winter in Wisconsin with our first significant snowfall of the year. Yeah, we got a little snow last weekend, but it was barely enough to cover the ground and melted the next day. We are getting a good dose of snow this weekend–6 to 8 inches by the time it’s all said and done on Monday. I am sure there are a lot of people in pulling their hair out over it, but I welcome it with my new tractor/plow combo!

Dad, Adam, Dan and I went to the Orange Spectacular this past summer where I found this attachment. For those who don’t know, OS is pretty much Allis-Chalmers heaven for those that bleed orange. A whole 3 days of nothing by AC tractors and equipment. There is a huge swap meet area for guys looking to purchase parts and equipment. I was on the lookout for a plow for my garden tractor this year, and I found one.

This was my Uncle Howard’s Allis-Chalmers 710 lawn tractor that he worked in on the deal for having us restore his Minneapolis-Moline tractor a few years back. My brother, Adam, overhauled the engine 2 years ago for me. The tractor had a hard time starting but after the rebuild has been running like new. I’ve been itching to use the plow since I bought it back in July. Now I have no problem pushing the snow out of the driveway.

I am sure I look ridiculous to my neighbors mowing a little lot with a 42″ mower or pushing snow down the driveway, but it’s fun for me! I have to admit that it has been a bit of a struggle for me moving off of the farm and into the city. That’s why it’s nice to have stuff like this to play around with–and it’s orange! The snow is still falling outside, which means there will be more fun to be had later. I can’t wait!

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