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AC Biographies

I am in contact with a gentleman from Milwaukee who is going to help me gather the stories of former Allis-Chalmers employees. He takes his father, a former AC employee, to a monthly gathering of these AC retirees. He said that a lot of these guys are getting up there in age, and I would like to collect as many stories as I can. I am asking any former employees of AC to fill out the form below. I also encourage family members of former workers to fill the form out as well.

2 thoughts on “AC Biographies”

  1. A year or so ago I responded to your blog as a former A-C employee but received no response.

    I worked for the Allis-Chalmers Industrial & Electrical Equipment Divisions for 35 years (later acquired by Siemens and named Siemens Energy & Automation). Discharged from the USMC after the Korean War I joined A-C in 1953 and worked in electrical engineering in the West Allis Works Transformer Dept. (4 yrs), then transferred to Field Service Engineering Dept. in the North Central Region HQ, Chicago (16 yrs) and then Electric Utility Sales Division (15 yrs) until retirement in 1988. I occasionally drive to Milwaukee for monthly breakfast meetings with other A-C retirees that I worked with but there are very few of us left.

    I am a member of the Lake County (Illinois) Farm Heritage Assn. as well as the Southeast Wisconsin Antique Power & Collectibles Assn. Both my 48 yr old son and I belong and are interested in antique tractors. I have a restored 1947 A-C Model WC that I use for shows, parades and tractor pulling. We will be participating in the “Century of Allis-Chalmers Agriculture” at the annual Fall Harvest Days put on by SEWAP&C in Union Grove, WI on September 12, 13 & 14. Allen Dilg, a large collector of A-C tractors and friend of mine, directed me to your website as he is acquainted with you and is involved with organizing the A-C show in Union Grove. If you have any interest in any of this, please contact me. a.. Gordon Turnbull, Libertyville, Ill.

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