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Vintage Dishwashers

My wife gives me random looks when I tell her the things I look up online. One minute I am looking up the local weather, and then the next minute I am researching old dishwashing machines. My work takes me into a lot of different homes in the area, and the recent home I was working in had a Youngstown Kitchen. There were the metal cabinets, red counter tops with chrome trim, and the electric sink. Electric sinks were cabinet sinks that had a garbage disposal and a built-in dishwasher. It was a luxury if you could afford to have an automatic dishwasher like this in your kitchen, but Youngstown built appliances “priced to own now.”

Youngstown Electric Sink ( )

The picture of the electric sink pictured above is similar to the model that was in the home I was working in. It was in rough shape and not been used for years. The owners said they planned on ripping it all out and remodeling the kitchen. It is a shame, but I am not sure if it is usable or able to be repaired. The dishwasher was missing some components and had some rust in the tub.  I am sure any parts that are needed to get it back in working condition would have to be salvaged from other units.

There is a guy who makes a hobby out of collecting old dishwashers like this. Mike Haller has been collecting vintage appliances since 2008. He travels around the country looking for these old machines. The article says he also uses some of them! He explained how he would like to start a museum with them. If he does start a museum, I hope he has an interactive part of it where visitors and try out one of these old machines. Look at some of his dishwashers in action by watching his YouTube channel.

I think it would be really fun to get an old dishwasher. Of course it will use more electricity and water, but it will be American made and built to last! I will have to keep my eyes peeled for one of these old units. One source I found,, is a great site with a fair amount of information and other collectors that can help. Who knows, maybe someday my kitchen will be a Youngstown Kitchen, but I will have to talk my wife into it first!


2 thoughts on “Vintage Dishwashers”

  1. These are great to see! I remember the commercials of the fifties and sixties introducing a fully automated kitchen, how funny they were when you look at the amazing progress we’re seeing now!
    Thanks so much for sharing all your finds, I love it!

  2. Can you tell me how to get in contact with mike haller? I am remodeling the kitchen in my 1953 Chillicothe, Ohio home and I have an original Youngstown kitchen model. I would like to save the dishwasher and possibly repair it to working condition.

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