Marquette Historical Society – Dantz Tavern School

I knew that little Marquette, Wisconsin, had a historical society, but I did not know they had a website. I was pleasantly surprised at the information they had. I was even more excited to see some history of Dantz’s Tavern and Dantz’s Tavern School! The original schoolhouse was moved onto on our property by its former owners of our farm. Dad used to keep the old Melroe field plow parked in there. We had no choice but to tear the schoolhouse down in the 1990s. It was very old and was starting to fall into itself. From what I remember of it, the old building was pretty neat inside. There were names etched on the wooden walls, and I think my mom found an old writing slate in the wall.



Dantz’s Tavern School


Within a few years after completion of the Old Military Road, other roads came into being.  In some instances, it was merely the widening of and old Indian Trail. In others, actual surveys were made to establish a nearly direct route, taking into consideration, of course, avoiding natural  obstacles like bluffs,lakes and marshes along the way. Travelers from either Madison or Milwaukee going to Stevens Point and beyond, usually came up what is now Highway 73 northwest of Markesan. With Lake Puckaway and the marshes along the Fox River to the west, and with Green Lake and marshes to the east, Highway 73 travels a natural and narrow isthmus north and south.

Read the rest of the story at Marquette Historical Society – Dantz Tavern School.

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