To Live in a Bygone Era

At one point or another we have all said, ” I wish I could go back in time.” If only it was as easy as jumping into a DeLorean, setting a date of destination, and speeding to 88 mph and zipped into the past. Say for a minute that time travel was possible. The decade I would go back to would be the Roaring Twenties.  It was a decade that came in with a bang and went crashing out. Here are my top 10 reasons to go back to the 1920s.


Not to take part in it! I would stop beer from ever being dumped down the drain. Prohibition was bound to fail. What would our alcohol be like today if those 13 “dry” years never occurred?

Beer being dumped


The cars were super-sharp looking back in the 1920s. My Grandpa Frederick’s first car was a 1929 Ford Model A. Grandpa had good taste in vehicles!

Chevy Ad
(Anything About Cars)
Grandpa (right) with his first car
Grandpa (right) with his first car

#8- Sports

I don’t consider myself a big sports guy, but seeing the early years of the Green Bay Packers would be amazing!

Original Green Bay Packers-1919


Imagine taking an adventure on a colossal Zeppelin!  These magnificent ships made trips around the world for nearly 30 years (about 1909-1937).  Although they were prone to disaster, I would not hesitates about taking a trans-Atlantic flight.

Graf Zeppelin


The movie industry exploded in the 1920s. The decade saw the first “talkie” movie, African-American featured film, and the introduction of Mickey Mouse.

“The Jazz Singer”-First “talkie” in 1927
(PDX Retro)


Why don’t men dress like this anymore? I am digging the patterns and textures. I think I might have to have wife make this and share that experience. (The Pinformer)

Men’s Fashion
(Vintage Dancer)


While a local library would have these books available today, I think it would be extraordinary to meet the people behind the great works of literature from the 1920s. These authors saw the changing world around them and put pen to paper to express their feelings.


Ragtime and Jazz were the popular tunes of the time. A person went to a dance hall or a speakeasy to hear the popular music in those days. Radios and phonographs were becoming popular forms of entertainment.

The I-Pod of the 1920s
(Attic Paper)


The Charleston, Lindy Hop, American tango and waltz were popular dances of the 1920s. Dance halls became a popular social spot for younger Americans.


I am a huge rail fan! In 1920 passenger rail traffic peaked at 47 million passenger miles per day. The Milwaukee depots ( Milwaukee Road/ Chicago & Northwestern) were amazing buildings. The Milwaukee Road Shops in the Menomonee Valley must have been quite an operation. Who would not want to go back to see the age when steam locomotives ruled the rails.

Milwaukee Road depot
(Milwaukee, Wisconsin)

These are my top ten reasons to go back to the 1920s. What do you like about the decade? If you could go back in time where would you go and why?

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