Allis-Chalmers Equipment Literature

Antique Farming‘s website has some great history on farm equipment manufacturers. They also have a selection of old literature, and here is what they have on Allis-Chalmers.
Model B


Farm Power



1 thought on “Allis-Chalmers Equipment Literature”

  1. Austin…Allen Dilg (SEWAP&CS) directed me to your interesting site as I’m an A-C/Siemens retiree interested in A-C history and currently interested in A-C antique tractors. I worked in electrical engineering for 4 years at the West Allis Works; 15 yrs. traveling with the Field Service Engineering Dept. and later 16 years in Field Engineering Sales with the A-C Industrial & Electric Utility Equipment Divisions, later acquired by Siemens in the late 1970’s. Discharged from the USMC, and just home from the Korean War, I walked into the A-C West-Allis Works employment office in August 1953 and was immediately hired as an electrical engineer. After 35 years of service, I retired in 1988. In spite of the demise of A-C I’m still a proud supporter of my former company who provided me with a good job and much opportunity. Along with my son, I’m interested in antique tractors and machinery. My personal tractor is a restored 1947 A-C Model WC. At age 82, I still show in parades, shows and some antique tractor pulls. Allen Dilg indicated you are involved with the SEWAP&CS 2014 Machinery Show in Union Grove, WI featuring 100 years of Allis-Chalmers Equipment. I am also a member of that club and have indicated to Allen that I would help him somehow with his effort to present A-C history. Contact me if you have any questions.

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