Going Underground…What Would You Bring?

Ivy Mike Hydrogen Bomb – 10/31/1952

Imagine a world where you live in constant fear of being annihilated by nuclear weapons. You are going about your day, and in the late afternoon the neighborhood sirens blast, your radio and TV switched to emergency messages saying terrorists are launching a nuclear attack on the United States. You have 15 minutes before the bomb hits, and you need to get into the fallout shelter you have built under your backyard.

Private Shelter
Family Fallout Shelter
(“Fallout Protection: What to know and do about Nuclear attack” -1961)

The shelter will not protect you from the intense heat that is emitted from the blast. If you are within 20 miles of the blast, you will be severely burned. If you escape the blast, you worry about the deadly fallout radiation that will settle afterwards.  You have to pack your shelter with enough supplies to last until the danger of radiation passes, approximately 2 weeks. What are you going to pack to ensure your survival? What do you think you will need to stay in a dank, claustrophobic shelter for up to two weeks? Comment on what you think should be in the shelter, and what you could not go into it without? You might be surprised of what the U.S. Government recommended in 1961.

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