Facing the Problems in Markesan

It has been an issue that has been sitting in my crop awhile and it is time to take action. I know there will be ruffled feathers and unhappy people, but I’m going to grab the tiger by the tail and not let go. This community means too much to me to watch it wither away and die. I am trying to secure some support for the “Revitalize Markesan” campaign I am putting together. I have a page going on Facebook, which I hope will continue to grow. I am in the process of getting the word out via newspaper in Markesan of what my intentions are. There are things that are working in town and things that are not working.

What’s not working is the idleness and lack of motivation to do something. I hear the same thing: “There’s no money” or “It’s too much work and nobody wants to do it.” We don’t do things because they are easy, we do them because of the challenge! The hard work we put into may be a struggle, but you fight through it and you see it through to the end. The results are your reward! That was the foundation of this community to begin with, but we are losing that sense of pride and determination to face hard challenges.

What we need is to establish a solid foundation that will bring people in to visit and to live. We need to establish a unique catch in our community that will bring people our way. We need a farmers market, more festivals and events. WE NEED TOURISM! Tourists bring in money to spend and they spend it at our businesses. If business thrives then the community will thrive.

What are some of the unique things that we could use to our advantage? Here are a few:

  1. The Amish community
  2. Little Green Lake
  3. Big Green Lake
  4. Local farms (farmers markets and festivals)
  5. Hunting

I may have overlooked some, for that I apologize, but these are the top 5 I can think of off my head. The Amish communities nearby are the most valuable asset we have. People around the state come to Green Lake County to see and visit the Amish and their unique stores. Has there ever been an attempt by anyone to try to incorporate the Amish community with Markesan tourism? I am not talking about loading a bus up and driving through town on the way to these places. I am talking about approaching the Amish community and asking if they would have any interest in operating some of their businesses out of our city?! It would be a wonderful mutual relationship.

Tourism has got to be our foundation for making change and breathing new life into Markesan. I think something I have learned is that Markesan will NEVER go back to what it was, you can’t look at the past and expect to go back. You look to the past to see how our ancestors did it and then you use that to move into the future. We can work with what we have to progress our town into the future. There is still hope and opportunity. The community has to come together and work together as one to get the job done.

What are your thoughts, ideas or concerns? I want to hear from my readers.


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