Photo Media 1

Pictures for my Media Photography 1 class

#1 Portrait / Self Portrait

Molly, Austin’s Fiance’, loves shoes of all shapes and sizes.
Austin collects Allis-Chalmers farm machinery with his dad and brother, and this is one of the bigger tractors in their collection.

#2 Vertical/Horizontal

A child’s view of a pocket door.
An old pocket sliding door showing its age.

Fast/Slow Shutter Speed

Abby Frederick discharges a round from a .22 caliber Ruger pistol into a target.
Austin Frederick writing in the air. Is this a photo illusion or magic?

Vantage Point

Hay and straw come up into the old drafty barn via an elevator before finding a resting place in the haymow.

Depth of Field

When sober, it’s clear which beer I like the most.
When buzzed, clearly favorites do not matter.




1 thought on “Photo Media 1”

  1. Austin, I was checking out the dealer locations and thought I would give you a few more. Brook Farmer Supply, Brook In. Sigmans also had a dealership in Goodland In. There was one there before them but I can’t recall the name

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